Tips for Facebook Privacy

Learn about Facebook Privacy

1. Learn the basics

There are three basic Facebook privacy levels:
* Friends
* Friends of Friends
* Everyone

Another option is to create your own custom Friend lists. Use these lists to control who may see your personal information. For example, you could create three Friend lists: Family, Friends, and Work. Then, choose to only share your photos with Friends and Family. This will stop your co-workers from seeing any embarrassing photos of yourself. This is only one using Friend lists to control your Facebook Privacy.

2. How to Control your personal information

Navigate to Settings | Privacy Settings | Profile Information and also Settings | Privacy Settings | Contact Information. Choose who can see your vital personal information.

3. How to Remove your name from search engines

If you don’t want the whole world to be able to search for your Facebook page, then use this tip: Choose Settings | Privacy Settings | Search | Public undefined Search Results and uncheck the Allow box, then you’re safe.

4. How to Block somebody

Sometimes you may have to resort to blocking one of your friends. Click on Settings | Privacy Settings | Block List. Then, either insert their name or their email address in one of the boxes, then voila! They will never bug you again! It’s important in this age of identity theft and crime to safeguard your Facebook privacy.

5. How to Stop receiving Application invitations from specific friends

Do you want have a friend that sends you all types of annoying application invitations? Block those invitations by clicking on Privacy Settings | Applications and Websites | Ignore Applications Invites.

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