How to hide Facebook status

Privacy can sometimes be a big concern for users on Facebook, especially sharing the status updates with almost everyone in the friend list. But there is a way out and one can choose to keep only a selected few updated with their status messages. Here is how you can do it:

1) Click on the Settings link located at the topmost part of the page. Under the heading privacy click on the link manage.
2) Click on profile, which would take you to the profile page. The fourth option is Status and Links, from the dropdown you can select customize option. Either you can block friends who could not get your status updates or you can select specific friends from your friend list who would get your status updates.
3) Hit the okay button. Your new privacy settings apply automatically.

How to send message to all friends on Facebook

Want to send the same message to all your friends on your friends list? Then this is how you do it in 4 simple steps.

1) Click on the friend’s link located at the top of your profile page.
2) Hit create new list, give it a name, select all your friends in it and hit the create list button.
3) You would see the list name appearing under a Lists heading in the left margin of the face.
4) Click on inbox link located at the top margin of the profile page, select compose message and type the name of friend list in the “To” box.
5) Compose your message and hit the send button.

How To Block Someone on Facebook

Sometimes having an account in a social networking website like Facebook can dampen your mood. This happens when you come across people who pester and harass you or you feel the need to avoid being searched by some people. Whatever your reasons are, there is a fast and easy way to block a person on Facebook!

1) Click on the settings link situated at the top right corner of your profile page.

2) Click on the manage link next to the privacy header.

3) Key in the name of the person you would want to block in the block list search box. Select the relevant profile from the search list and click on “Block person” link next to his profile. You would no longer turn up in the person’s search results he/she would not be able to visit your profile anymore.

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