How to show html code in blog posts

Go to Simplebits and copy and paste all your code in the markup box and press ‘Process’ and it will spit out entity-encoded markup suitable for your blog. Now you can copy and paste it in your post.

Make Dofollow Blog on blogger tips badges

Dear friends, this is a blog notification post. I have decided to make my blog, DoFollow. You will find the comment policy updated on the sidebar about this (please look at the left sidebar).

Backlinks are very important for your websites. They are like votes cast by one respectable website to another, and they will greatly increase the site’s traffic. When one gets many backlinks, one’s site’s ranking in search engine results will skyrocket. Search engines use programs called search bots or web crawlers to access and index web pages. That’s how you see websites in the search results of Google and Yahoo!.

If your site ranks high for any search terms related to the products you promote, you can get several potential customers (a very daunting task indeed). Now, in order for you to get business, you must rank high in search engines, and the most important thing that will help you in this is link building.

You should try to get links from whichever sources available. It is a tactic in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). In the past, when you commented in a blog, you could get a backlink, just by using this HTML code:

<a href="your link URL">your link name (anchor)</a>

When you placed this piece of code within your comment, you used to get backlink from it. It was highly beneficial for you to rank high (especially if the blog is high PageRank).

What is NoFollow?

Soon the scenario changed. In 2005, Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam team head and Jason Shellon of Blogger brought up a new attribute in HTML codes—NOFOLLOW. Nofollow is a HTML tag added to the link anchor code, and will change the normal code as:

<a href=”your link URL” rel=”nofollow”>your link name</a>

This is automatically done. Meaning, when you comment with the link, the NoFollow attribute will be added automatically. And the result is deep. The link will be valueless and the search crawlers would not follow them to index. So, such a link is as useless as a piece of text. Blogger blogs soon adopted this and being Google’s regulation, all or most of other search engines also adopted this.

Though this is a good scheme to prevent comment spamming, it hit the genuine commenters. They also lost so many backlinks, and a nice easy way to get them. But people started working against this. The bloggers started removing NoFollow attribute from the comments of valuable commenters. And a different attribute, DoFollow began.

Many bloggers followed suit. Today there are so many DoFollow blogs, and by commenting on these blogs, with your backlink, you can get full value on that link. You can use such blogs and comment links in them to promote your own site in search results. Soon enough, so many DoFollow search engines also started coming, which index only DoFollow blogs. You can search for a particular term, and get the related DoFollow blogs.

A DoFollow comment will be a normal comment as in the above or will have the attribute “rel=’dofollow’” instead of nofollow, as in:

<a href=”link URL” rel=”dofollow”>link name</a>

The attribute DoFollow or no rel attribute at all means the blog link is good. Though no attribute in HTML exists as DoFollow, it means that the blog is not NoFollow, so it has the same effect of a normal backlink.

How to Make Your Blogger Blog DoFollow?

Before doing these steps, you should allow anonymous comments by going to Settings in Blogger and then Comments. You may enable or disable the moderation. You will soon know the importance of moderation, however. Here are the steps to make comments DoFollow:

1. Go to Blogger layout (in new Blogger) and click Edit HTML.

2. Check Expand Widget Templates.

3. Search for ‘NoFollow’ You will find at least two of them in the code.

4. Remove “rel=”nofollow” from the tag that starts with “

5. The second nofollow attribute is for pingback/trackback URLs (blogs that link to your post and ping it). You may or may not retain these URLs. It’s completely optional.

6. That’s it! Enjoy. Your comment’s title is now ‘DoFollow.’

In old Blogger, you can do this by editing HTML in Template tab.

By doing this in Blogger, the comment title will be made DoFollow. But the backlinks will be available only if you comment with Name and URL field enabled. The comment body links will still remain NoFollow. So, you needn’t place any link in the body, just place the required anchor text in the name field, and URL in the URL filed and comment; it will become a DoFollow backlink to your URL.

How to Make WordPress Blogs DoFollow?

As I have no idea of WordPress blogs, and have never worked with them, I am not sure if this helps or not. But you can make the WordPress blogs or self-hosted WordPress blogs DoFollow by using a simple plug-in here.

Great DoFollow Badges

Use one of these badges if you have a DoFollow blog yourself.

I promote DoFollow blogs and very much want you too. A lot of bloggers are out there, who have great talent. If you help them by giving them a backlink, there is nothing wrong. Linking out to useful blogs will make your blog valuable as well.

But watch out for the crooks, who comment for the sake of links. Their comments would be narrow one-liners like “What a wonderful blog you have,” “A great post, keep going!” etc. I despise all such commenters, and will promptly remove their comments and backlinks. I await your comments in this blog.

Your comment awaited…

Wordpress Do Follow Blog

What are “Do Follow” blogs?

“Do follow” is the opposite of “No-Follow”. Wordpress blogs, by default, use the HTML nofollow attribute on links that point away from the blog. This no follow attribute comes into play with the posting of blog comments. The no-follow tag tells the search engines NOT to follow the link to any other web sites.

The logic behind using no follow is, it’s good for the blog since there will be fewer outgoing links and therefore less “link bleed”, leading to better Google page rank. Sounds good!

Using no follow also makes sense because there are blog spammers out there who will, and have, posted blog spam comments solely for the benefit of getting more incoming links to their site, which helps page rank. That makes sense!

Do Follow blogs are going against the norm and turning the No-Follow tag off, enabling do-follow of out going comment links.

Why Go Do-Follow?

If you’re like me, you want people to comment on your blog posts. You want more of an interactive community. That’s what Web 2.0 is about – community, relationships, and user created content.

But, how do you encourage people to comment on your blog posts? You give them something in return. You give them an outgoing link to their website, when they make a quality comment on your blog. You also allow the search engine to follow that link to their website by using the do follow attribute.

You also need to let people know that you are a Do Follow Blog. Some visitors will have no idea what that means, but those who do know what it means will appreciate it and will often leave a comment.

Here the great example how to tell visitor that you blog support DoFollow Movement.

"I support the Do Follow movement and allow comments with Do Follow. Comments are monitored and I will delete comments that do not add value to the current post. "

How Do I Set Do Follow?

Unfortunately, the option to turn No Follow on, or off, is not an option in Wordpress. I have looked at a couple of plugins, and have decided the DoFollow plugin works best for me.

With the current Wordpress blog comment spam plugins now available, I see no reason not to be a “Do Follower”.

Once you join the Do-Follow movement, let everyone know your blog is do follow by adding your blog to the do-follow blog list.

Let me know what your thoughts are by commenting below.

Lee DeWyze Winners For American Idol

American Idol has crowned it's latest winner in the shape of 24-year old Lee DeWyze.

DeWyze, who fought off tough competition from fellow finalist Crystal Bowersox scooped the prize of a recording contract in last night's two-hour finale.

Both Bowerox and DeWyze performed three tracks on the night, one selected by them, one chosen by Idol boss Simon Fuller and the song they would release if they won.

Eventual winner DeWyze from Illnois said of his victory: “I don’t know [how it feels], this is amazing. Thank you guys so much for everything. Thank you, thank you!" he said after the result was announced."

He added:"I can’t believe this. I love you guys. Crystal, I love you. I’m so happy right now, I’ve never been happier in my life. There are no words to describe it. This is amazing and I appreciate everything everybody here has done."

Despite favourite Crystal winning over the judges on the night, Simon Cowell and Kara DioGuardi praised Lee for having one of the 'most commercial voices of the season' and for being what Idol is all about.

After crowning DeWyze as it's new winner, the hit US TV show also said goodbye to Cowell with a moving tribute following his announcement of his departure in January.

Celebs such as Ricky Gervais, ex-Idol judge Paula Abdul and past winners Kelly Clarkson Carrie Underwood returned to pay tribute to the music mogul. and

Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, Rock Of Love star Bret Michaels and last year’s winner Kris Allen also took to the stage for Simon's last ever Idol appearance.

Cowell said: "I didn't think I would be this emotional but I genuinely am... I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the support, the fun and your sense of humour. That has been the best part. Seeing these contestants back, that's what made the show."

"When anyone asks who will replace me, the truth is you guys are the judges of this show and you've done an incredible job over the years."

Cowell added that he would miss everybody on the programme saying: "Thank you very much indeed. It's been a blast."

He is now set to launch X Factor Stateside with rumoured UK judge Cheryl Cole joining him on the panel in 2011.

Authority Job Killer-Stop

Authority Job Killer is a program for beginners to get them started making money online and creating an online business that would potentially make 5 figures per month (that’s the goal).

The program is a simple to understand

Step by step program with real life examples. It consists of:

  • Authority Job Killer Manual which is an in-depth step by step blueprint to get anyone started fast. It covers the basics and eventually goes into advanced online business strategies and scaling it to 5 figures a month.

  • Authority Job Killer Process Map is a simplified graphical version of the manual which serves as a roadmap for an easy reference.

  • Authority Job Killer Videos – there are 3 videos showing how to implement the blueprint exactly with examples of real life websites. They show how every step is implemented and how it should look like when done right.

While the program itself doesn’t bring anything new as far as the knowledge, it strives to be the most detailed training and make the process of building an online business simple.

Here's a closer look at what you'll discover in this explosive new program...

  • The Dirty Little Secrets About Turning An Idea or Strategy Into A Consistent and Ever-Increasing Income! (It's so simple... so basic... and yet so profound... that once you "get it" you'll be on your way to whole new and exciting life of unlimited potential and promise!)

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