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LMT Forex Formula Stands for Low Maintenance Trading. This simple concept is behind the structure of this whole trading method. The LMT Forex Formula is a simple to use trend following system that requires very little time to manage and trade. The LMT Forex Formula was originally designed for trading the Daily charts but can also be used very profitably on the 4 hour charts.

If you currently have a demanding day job but still wish to trade Forex then you will want to focus on the daily charts. This allows you to only check your charts for 10-15 minutes a day (at the close of the daily candle). Trading the daily charts will also provide you with very profitable trades sometimes netting anything between 100 and 2000 pips profit. Trading 10-12 pairs on the daily charts you can expect around 8-10 trades a month which is 2-3 trades a week on average.

If you have more time to spare you may wish to drop down to the 4 hour charts giving you plenty of opportunities to trade, however this will also require a lot more time managing the trades as they progress.

LMT Forex Formula is designed so the odds are in your favor every time you make a trade. Using the power of the prevailing trend coupled with an accurate entry technique, gives you a high success rate in each trade. LMT Forex Formula is also designed so you have as little to do as possible. The special indicator will alert you via sound on your computer when any trades could be setting up so you can come to your computer and see if it meets our high probability framework. If it does and a trade is present, stop loss and profit targets are clearly stated on the screen saving you from doing all the hard calculations yourself.

The Best Thing About LMT Forex Formula is :

* Huge pips scooper system. Trend following style allows you to win a few hundred or thousand pips using H4 time frame.

* Very accurate in signalling the end of a retrace-movement in a main trend

* Prevents you from trading against the trend

The Advantages Using LMT Forex Formula is :

* You only need 8 - 15 minutes a day to analyse the signals and trade it. This makes the program great for those who have full time jobs or for people who want to be more active in their trading.

* LMT Forex Formula will help you find the large moves in the market. And Large moves = Big Returns. You will not be confused again by the whipsaw and choppiness of the market. You will always position yourself to ride with the big trend.

* You can complement your own trading strategy with this software to increase your winning trading probability. LMT Forex Formula is very good at detecting the major trend.

* The software is very user-friendly. Regardless of your trading level, you should have no problem following the step by step instructions in the manual. Moreover, there are videos to guide you.

* No Need for Hosting service or leaving your computer on all day. You only to turn your computer for 5 minutes to look for any trading signals and then off it once ok.

* You can trade with ANY brokers you want. You can enter and exit your trades with any broker.

Now, im using this LMT Forex Formula and start making huge money every day. I have all screen shot of my latest trading statement that you can see clearly that this system really-really will rocket profit your account. This system really simple and easy to use. Only follow a simple rule, time frame H4 and at the end day,you will see your profit.

Below are all my statement link.You can check all my chart at your own metatrader in the same time and you will see its all are true. No fraud, All Are Proven!!

** http://bit.ly/LMTStatement **

Take the LMT path and youve got a real shot at financial independence. A real chance to change everything about who you are and where youre going...

Or... Take the other path and its the same old routine for you. Working that day job earning money for someone else while barely keeping your head above water...

What you can get when you buy now??? Let get a check ....

LMT FOREX FORMULA v1.8 [Latest Version]

*Manual LMT Forex Formula 1.8.pdf
*LMT 1.8.ex4
*LMT Template.tpl

LMT FOREX FORMULA v1.8 [Old Version]

*Manual LMT Forex Formula 1.5.pdf
*LMT 1.5.ex4
*LMT Template.tpl
*Easy News Trader.pdf


*Forex Signal 30 Version July 2009
*Forex Private system
*Forex Package
*Forex ebook
- Power Band
- Forex Supreme
- Cracking The Code
*D8D1 (1st place demo trading system at Surfire Trading Challenge Disember 2008)


*can watch online on my website from link that i put with this file.

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Surefire Trading Challenge

What good about this system?

The top six winners profited from about 150 to 2,300 return in the forex in one month by applying their own secret trading methods from a forex trading competition.

In December 2008, 569 professional and amateur traders competed for the most profitable trading system in the forex market under the same ground rules. Some traders have a full-time job. Each of system has been carefully verified to make sure what they claimed is true, that they made at least ten trades during the month and they achieved the results in one month. The results were verified day-by-day and trade-by-trade.

Only 6 made the cut. Each unique part of the six systems is laid out in a simple format you can understand. Here are top 6 winners and you will get all forex system that they use :

1st Place : Ahmad Selihin Che (2,307.78. His demo account grew from $3,000 to $69,233.)
2nd Place : Nurudeen Usmen (1,120.77. $1,000 to $11,207.77 on demo account)
3rd Place : Udochi Paul Ebere (1,014.05. $5,000 to $50,702.60 on demo account)
4th Place : Obiliza Manan (927.93. $92.17 to $855.27 on live account)
5th Place : Marcos Fernandez Michelena (200.12. $63.86 to $127.80 on live account)
6th Place : Janett Marie Braun (156.23. $435.91 to $681.04 on live account)

Benefits of Surefire Trading Challenge :

1. Your account might increase to much degree in one month by using one of the methods developed and taught by the winners.

2. You can get insights of how to manage risks wisely. The winners risk management techniques are very specific and eye opening.

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Forex Hitman

Forex Hitman is a mechanical system that allows any new trader to instantly leverage the knowledge and skills of a professional to make money. It can cut short your learning curve of the Forex market, and has been very profitable until today.

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