How To Remove Facebook Recent Activity

A few readers contacted me with several questions around how to restrict other people access to their recent activity section on Facebook. Everyone said they are able to remove the different items in their recent activity, but that doesn’t remove the posts from their freinds news feed.

Following the rollout of the new privacy settings, there is no currently an effective way to control how Facebook notifies all your friends about all content you post, new people you are in touch with, groups you joined and pages you became fan of. This has apparently annoyed several Facebookers, who even created several Facebook groups focusing on bringing the old news feed and wall privacy settings back.

As there is no simple solution to hide the recent activity stream, the only viable option will be to customize the privacy settings of all content you post on Facebook (not only status updates but also photos, notes, videos etc’) to exclude people from being notified about your recent activity updates:

* On Facebook, choose Settings | Privacy Settings | Profile Information
* Navigate to the Posts by Me section
* Set its value to Customize. Then select restrict access to your posts as you see fit.

Clearly, this doesn’t provide a solution, but it can be regarded as an intermediate workaround until (hopefully) the recent activity privacy settings will be restored.

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